Monday, April 5, 2010

How we can check your sensation

If blood sugars are high over long periods of time, it can disrupt the function of the nerves. One may lose feeling in their hands and feet. This may cause a tingling sensation in these areas. At worse it can be very painful and keep people up at night. One initial test that we can begin with is with a small object called a Semmes-Weinstein. It is used for early detection of peripheral neuropathy in patients with Diabetes. Its a noninvasive and a NON-PAINFUL test. There are areas we press on the skin with this monofilament to check if a patient can feel it or not. The areas an red in the picture are common areas we will check on the feet. If they are unable to feel it this may be an early sign of neuropathy or loss of sensation. It is important to check because if you are unable to feel the bottom of your feet, you may be more susceptible to stepping on something you are unaware of or developing a skin ulcer that you cannot feel and become infected. As always it is very important to see your Podiatrist for a daily check on your feet if you are diabetic.  For more information please visit our website:

Chad Friedman, DPM