Monday, March 8, 2010

Checking your feet

If you are Diabetic, or even Borderline Diabetic, it is very important to check your feet regularly during the day. Its also important to check inside of the shoes/sneakers you wear for any foreign objects in there. Its important to check them midday and at night before you go to bed. If this is difficult to inspect the bottom of your feet, use a mirror to look at the bottom. Things you want to be on the look out for are any new cuts, red areas, rough areas, cracks, and fissures. Even though they might not be a problem or cause pain, they are potential areas that can lead to this. Its a good idea to get a baseline look at your feet form a Podiatrist to educate you on things that can be done to prevent ulcers or amputations from happening. Please visit our webpage for more information or call for an appointment.

Chad Friedman, DPM

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